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Name: Michael Goetzman (LinkedIn)

Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Title: Global Information Security Manager at Master Lock
Education: Master of Science in Business Management
Certifications: CISSP, Microsoft MVP, GSTRT, CRMA, ITIL, Google Apps Certified Trainer


Wanna know more? Prepare thyself…

I am “Kamic A’kota” or “Korgo” or many other odd internic entities… “Esse quam videri. Quisque Aliquid Habet quod occultet. “ Mainly I am “Kamic” [from Sanskrit kama desire] An anglicized form of kamika, meaning desirous, pertaining to desire. cupiditas.

I desire to travel the world, but reality makes it rarely possible (kids). Therefore I attend & speak at technology/infosec conferences.  I study esoteric technological emerging trends such as zero-days, cyber-defense countermeasures, and overly paranoid subjects such as bio-hacking, hardware hacking, internet of things, phreaking, and physical security!

Traveling the world is the most exciting mission of mine of course… most of my previous travel destinations have involved the odd places of the Americas: Cuba, mayan ruins of Mexico, train rides through Canada, remote islands of the Bahamas, and the like. I goto Vegas too often though. I’m proud to have completed some of my graduate studies in Havana, Cuba in that I studied Information Technology and the exciting black/gray markets of Havana! I continue to study and be fascinated with the ever-evolving political evolution of relations between Cuba and the States.

Another activity I enjoy is SCUBA diving since obtaining my PADI certification in 1998. I usually only dive during my travels anywhere tropical. I’ve had amazing dives near the Hawaii islands, off the coast of the Bahamas, & at the bay of pigs in Cuba! In addition to diving on these trips I like to incorporate photography (Canon 60D SLR) whenever possible.  I try to get as far off the beaten path as possible for a shot although I am not a professional photographer by trade, I simply try to incorporate photography into my other hobbies.

Another pass-time I used to enjoy is experimental aviation! Nearly every year I attend EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI – sometime even volunteering! You used to find me there flying around in a light-sport tail-wheel aircraft called a zlin savage cub until I had kids, but now i’ll go for the occidental ride in a float plane or even a Zeppelin! I also tried piloting a hot air balloon with mixed success.

In addition to scuba diving, photography, and flying I enjoy paddling around the Peshtigo river, geocaching with the kids, random security website building, walking, and curling like the Olympic pros! In a former life I was a Lifeguard, built robots with FIRST Robotics, and played on hardware and software from the yesteryears: ICQ, BBSs, and Ultima Online/Everquest. I adore the avant-garde life, fine art, theater, and new interesting music, but these days when I can find some extra time I also try to read a good book on genetics, scifi/fantasy, or likely a technical computer related topic for work. You can find my read, pending, and trending booklist on! carpe diem. vita brevis

I believe in freedom of information, equality before the law, the advancement of scientific research, and the individual imperative – organizations & government exist to serve individuals, not the other way around. My utopian vision is a work in progress and always pending. I do not have individual role models but enjoy aspects from great people such as James Watson, Andrew Niccol, Isaac Asimov , Increase A. Lapham, Phil Zimmermann, Tim Berners-Lee, Alex Garland, Nathan Myhrvold, Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Gilmore (activist), Dean Kamen , Burt Rutan , Elon Musk , Jason DeCaires Taylor, and Jon Karkow – Icon A5 Lead Aero Engineer

All recent extra time of mine is going towards planning our Wisconsin annual hacker conference: CypherCon 3.0 with intense madness.

Illusory superiority – non est antidotum