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March 10, 2018

Microsoft Security: Latest Updates


Microsoft security according Microsoft (2017) helps defend the computer against network threats including transmitted exploits like worms, viruses, Trojans and other malicious software’s. It also provides with free spyware protection. Microsoft security is vital because it protects the information on the PC and also caters for the general health of the computer ultimately assisting programs to run softly and smoothly. The most common computer threats come from installing freeware that they may have downloaded while downloading a free desktop application and people opening unknown emails, the email may contain links on their attachments that could potentially add malware and viruses into your system.

The method how Microsoft prepares its latest security is by updating the software. Different standard terminologies are used when describing software up to date. Critical update is a neither fix shared widely that concerns some particular problem that is neither security related nor critical bug. Definition update: this is a software update that is frequent and is commonly released. It contains database that is the products definition. These definition databases are used in the detection of specific attributes such as junk mails, phishing websites, malicious codes and a driver. A definition is software’s that are used in the control of the output and the input of the device (Microsoft 2017).

Feature pack: this is the functionality of a new product that is first distributed first outside the product release content, and later it’s included typically in the release of the next full product, this is done to make sure that it will function well before investing heavily in it. Security update:  this is a fix that’s widely released for a security-related product specific vulnerability these security vulnerabilities are rated by how severe they are, and it’s indicated on the security bulletin as either critical, moderate or low. These updates are made available by Microsoft to customers to download. The security updates contain the Microsoft knowledge base article and the security bulletin. Service pack: this is a cumulative set of all security updates, hotfixes, critical updates and updates that are all tested. It also contains fixes on internal problems after product release and could also carry the customer requested features and design changes.

Tool: this is a feature or a utility that helps in completing tasks. Update rollup: this is a pack of cumulative and tested security updates, hotfixes, updates and critical updates packed together for smooth deployment. It targets a particular area or a product’s component. Security only updates: this is an update that collects the monthly security updates of a specific product that addresses vulnerabilities that are security related and distributed through the system center configuration, windows server update services, and the Microsoft update.  It automatically downloads and installs in the windows update settings. Preview of the monthly roll-up. This is cumulative and also tested set of updates that are distributed through windows update system and others, this review is product specific, and it addresses non-security updates that are new which include fixes from the monthly roll up. It’s displayed under monthly quality preview roll up and when downloaded or installed its labeled optional update.

Microsoft continually updates its antimalware definitions to continually tweak detection logic and covers the latest threats. This enhances the antimalware solutions and its ability to identify threats accurately. There is need to use the latest definitions and set it automatically for updates. The windows defender antivirus receives an update as part of the windows update. If there is no option on automatic download one can manually trigger the download and apply all the latest definitions. With the windows 10, one must select check for updates to check for the newest definition s from the windows Defender Security Centre. The newest anti-malware definition is version1.263.457.0 released March 10, 2018, 6.32 AM UTC. Different Windows operating systems use different definitions it’s then necessary that one selects a version that matches their operating system or even an environment in which you can use the definitions.

Patch Tuesday is the day when Microsoft releases its security and patches for their software’s and their operating systems. It happens every second Tuesday of the month, and it’s also referred to as the update Tuesday. The last one occurred on February the 13th 2018 and consisted of thirty-three individual security updates and fifty-one issues that involved correcting issues on the Windows operating systems and their other software’s. The next patch will happen on the 13 March 2018. The updates given on patch Tuesday are critical since they update files they believe have bugs and could allow malicious acts to be carried out on your PC. Everyone that uses or their computers run on the Microsoft operating system the 32 or 64bit including windows 7, 8, 8.1.10 and the version of windows that is server supported.


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