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April 7, 2016

CYPHERCON 2016 Success

CYPHERCON 2016 WAS A HUGE SUCCESS, If you didn’t attend, make sure you check out the presentations and join us in 2017:


CYPHERCON’s Opening Ceremony Begins!

Presenter: Nicole Tatrow & Michael Goetzman “Korgo”


Security Control Wins & Fails

Presenter: Jason Lang


Offensive Wireless Tactics “used in DEFCON 23’s Wireless CTF”

Presenter: Eric Escobar


Keynote: China’s Hackers and Cyber Sovereignty

Presenter: Lieutenant Colonel Bill Hagestad II


You’re Right, This Sucks

Presenters: J0hnnyxm4s & Lesley Carhart


No encrypted data on this drive; just pictures of my cat

Presenter: Parker Schmitt


Curry and TARTS

Presenter: JP SMITH


All your Wheaties belong to us. Removing the basics that humans need for survival.

Presenter: Chris Roberts


The CYPHERCON PuzzleMaster Speaks

Presenter: BeLouve


Keynote: P.I.S.S.E.D. Privacy In a Surveillance State, Evading Detection

Presenter: Joe Cicero


Bypassing Encryption by Attacking the Cryptosystem Perimeter

Presenter: Trenton Ivey


Hypervault Demo & HTTP and SSH Tunneling

Presenter: Caleb Madrigal


Quantum Computation and Information Security

Presenter: David Webber


Medical Devices: Pwnage & Honeypots

Presenter: Scott Erven


Espionage – A weapon during the cold war

Presenter: Werner Juretzko


Thank you IronGeek for recording the CYPHERCON 2016 videos

July 29, 2015

Speaking at Hacker Halted

I am excited to announce I’ll be speaking on “DNA Security” at the EC-Council’s conference: Hacker Halted on September 17, 2015!

Talk Title: GATTACA – Final Warning!

Abstract: You were warned in 1997 that a not-too-distant future was approaching. This dystopian future is here now due to rapid technological advances, much quicker than we initially imagined. These breakthrough DNA technologies are exposing your deepest darkest secrets. Who can see this information? What will they do with this information? Little does anyone know they are only one data breach away from public exposure.

July 13, 2015

Speaking at the inaugural BioHacking Village (BHV) at DEF CON 23

I am excited to announce I’ll be speaking on DNA security at the inaugural BioHacking Village (BHV) at DEF CON 23 on August 6-9, 2015!
Talk Title: Social implications of DNA acquisition & storage
Abstract:  The advent of rapid ‘Next-Generation’ DNA sequencing methods has greatly accelerated biological and medical discovery steering society into a paradigm shift, the genomic era, of personalized medicine. This trend promises an affordable insight into your personal genome potentially giving individual’s personal advantages. What information is hidden within a strand of DNA and what are implications of accessing this data? Will these rapid advancements enhance humanity without sacrificing ethics and personal exposure? Can society overcome challenges stemming from emerging technologies such as massive internet accessible databases and cloud storage?

March 21, 2015

Thank you Chappee Rapids Audubon Society


I was honored to have been presented with the Exceptional Service award last night by the Chappee Rapids Audubon Society!

Technology is important to local and regional nonprofit organizations for maintaining members, spreading news, and fighting challenges. While maintaining their twitter site, working on the website, and configuring their Google apps I’ve learned so much about birds and the community. I’m glad I could help the organization and ultimately the endangered bird populations! Please check out the Chappee Rapids Audubon Society website at 

Chappee Rapids Audubon Society - Exceptional Service Award



February 4, 2015

Thotcon Speaker

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be speaking at Chicago’s best hacking conference: THOTCON on May 14th and 15th 2015:

“GATTACA – Final Warning!”

Abstract: You were warned in 1997 that a not-too-distant future was approaching. This dystopian future is here now due to rapid technological advances, much quicker than we initially imagined. These breakthrough DNA technologies are exposing your deepest darkest secrets. Who can see this information? What will they do with this information? Little does anyone know they are only one data breach away from public exposure.

September 30, 2014

23andme – Real Gattaca Future of Medicine

Gattaca is a 1997 futuristic sci-fi thriller staring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. The film presents a biopunk sci-fi vision of a future society driven by eugenics where potential children are conceived through genetic manipulation to ensure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents. The movie focuses on Ethan Hawke overcoming genetic discrimination from the genetically modified “perfect combination of guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine” humans around him. DNA is everything in this world, from dating to job roles.

The movie is based on the premise of in “the not-too-distant future”, but flash into reality of 2014 and some could say we are already here. We have innovative companies like analyzing our DNA and guiding answers of the raw truth of health and ancestry information. Well, the healthcare information came to a stall in December 2013. was stopped by the Food and Drug Administration for giving too much information between providing scientific information and being a medical test.  In the meantime customers will still get ancestry data, be able to download their own raw data, and 23andMe will continue to use the data it collects for its own research. Regulatory review is in progress to define what direction the future will take on direct to consumer DNA results.

There is one loophole during the ongoing regulatory review which could take years, on ebay you can purchase 23andme DNA kits ordered prior to November 2013 that will grant you access to your DNA healthcare information. Most US consumers are waiting on the US government for decisions…


August 2, 2014

ENCRYPT – DECRYPT License Plates

Have you seen a Kia Spectra or Hummer H3 with Wisconsin license plates: ENCRYPT or DECRYPT driving around the Milwaukee area? Well, we’ll admit…that’s ours… we went completely Infosec / spy themed nerd crazy on our recent change to customized license plates. for our

encrypt / decrypt license plates

The credit for the idea of the spy themed plates came from Milwaukee’s most mysterious location: The Safe House Not sure what that is? check out the wiki of the famous restaurant & bar! They have on display Wisconsin license plates: Ncrypt & Dcrypt. When I was seeking possible clever choices for customized plates I saw Wisconsin now allows seven character plates and both were available.



July 17, 2014

Xbox Live 2002 Beta Tester Disc

Digging through my old discs, I found a old Xbox Live 2002 Beta Tester kit, with manuals, serial code, and beta disc! I recall 100,000 Xbox owners applied for the beta program and only 5,000 were selected by the Xbox Live marketing director! The first round of beta testers got a free online version of “NFL Fever” and the racing game “Re-Volt”!

Now in 2002, online service was nearly non-existent! Microsoft didn’t anticipate such a huge response of pent-up demand! Making it into the first round of beta testing was pretty low odds. Selection for the beta program was largely based on surveys sent by applicants that demonstrated a commitment to contributing to the beta program. People that could get feedback from, stress test the servers, and yell to all their friends how great Microsoft’s new online service was!

Now, Re-volt was a promising game for the Xbox back in 2002 during beta, the few thousand people who actually logged into their xbox live beta within the first week got to play the game before Acclaim canceled their plans to release an xbox version of Re-volt.

The demo included on the Beta starter kit is the only version available for microsoft’s system to this day. This created a collectors item! While supply is extremely low, demand is hard to gauge since the game is no longer playable online now that the xbox beta has long been over. Can pleasant memories of the xbox beta and the extreme rarity maintain some prolonged interested?

We’ll find out:

May 29, 2014

Low Light Cubicle Gardens

Michael Goetzman
*Work in Progress: Currently selecting plants.

Cubicle friendly low light indoor garden project introduction:

I’m a Cubicle Prisoner. Cubicles in traditional organizations usually consist of bland colors, coffee stained furniture, and cheap materials forming the walls which lead to quite boring unproductive days! Since I’ve been assigned a cubicle in a sea of boring cubicles I decided some foliage could help bring me a little peace to sometimes hectic days! Since I work in Information Technology, this quest poses some interesting challenges. Like most IT professionals, I live in a low natural light environment and next to A/C ventilation systems which could hinder most plant species.

On a side note regarding the nearby the ventilation, part of my interest in this garden project comes from Kamal Meattle’s 2009 TED Talk of using plants enhance its air-purifying properties. In his talk, he recommends homes use three plants:

  • The Areca Palm (or Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) does great air cleansing work during the day.  He recommends about 4 shoulder height plants per person.
  • The Mother-in-law’s Tongue (or Sansevieria trifasciata) which helps to convert CO2 to O2 overnight.  He recommends about 6 to 8 of these waist high plants per person.
  • The Money Plant (or Epipremnum aureum) which does the job of filtering out and removing Formaldehyde and other VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

I also recommend looking at which follows NASA’s research on plants helping sustain humans in space.

Although air-purifying is exciting and an amazing experiment; My goals of this experiment are simply to test my green thumb, increase morale in a traditional cubicle environment, and inspire others at the work-space with unique décor ideas.

Plant Candidate Selection & Research Process:

  • Maidenhair Ferns –“Adiantum raddianum”Adiantum_raddianum

Light: Do not expose to any direct sunlight, enjoys shade.
Water: Water freely in summer and keep moist in winter, keep humidity high by spraying with water frequently.
Temperature: These are best kept above 70ºF. Do not expose to drafts.
Soil: Rich, loose, organic compost.
Fertilizer: Feed biweekly with weak liquid fertilizer during growth season.

  •  Mint


  • Swedish Ivy
  • Begonias
  • Succulents
  • Terrariums
  • Chinese evergreens
  • Cast Iron Plant

Cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is almost indestructable, tolerating low levels of light, humidity, and water. The leaves are strappy and dark green, but you can find interesting varieties with variegated foliage. Cast-iron plant grows 2 feet tall and wide in low to medium light.

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Dracaena Marginata
  • ‘Limelight’ Dracaena
  • Peace Lily
  • Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Containers & Décor Placement:

The Experiment:



17-8-22 succulent plant spray?