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July 17, 2014

Xbox Live 2002 Beta Tester Disc

Digging through my old discs, I found a old Xbox Live 2002 Beta Tester kit, with manuals, serial code, and beta disc! I recall 100,000 Xbox owners applied for the beta program and only 5,000 were selected by the Xbox Live marketing director! The first round of beta testers got a free online version of “NFL Fever” and the racing game “Re-Volt”!

Now in 2002, online service was nearly non-existent! Microsoft didn’t anticipate such a huge response of pent-up demand! Making it into the first round of beta testing was pretty low odds. Selection for the beta program was largely based on surveys sent by applicants that demonstrated a commitment to contributing to the beta program. People that could get feedback from, stress test the servers, and yell to all their friends how great Microsoft’s new online service was!

Now, Re-volt was a promising game for the Xbox back in 2002 during beta, the few thousand people who actually logged into their xbox live beta within the first week got to play the game before Acclaim canceled their plans to release an xbox version of Re-volt.

The demo included on the Beta starter kit is the only version available for microsoft’s system to this day. This created a collectors item! While supply is extremely low, demand is hard to gauge since the game is no longer playable online now that the xbox beta has long been over. Can pleasant memories of the xbox beta and the extreme rarity maintain some prolonged interested?

We’ll find out: